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Reducing infections in the NHS.

10 April 2017

The NHS must reduce the number of infections. One way it can do that is by managing the prescription of antibiotics – and supporting patients in healthier habits.

reduce infections

An international conversation

20 October 2016

CleanMed Europe brings together healthcare leaders from all over Europe to consider how we can deliver truly sustainable healthcare

international cleanmed

Dan dare - doctor of the future

18 October 2016

It’s 2020. Meet Dan. Dan’s a great guy. Intelligent, compassionate, boundlessly committed to his job, his colleagues, and his patients. A young George Clooney might well play Dan in the film of his life. That’s the kind of guy Dan is.

dan dare dream doctor

One voice for change

19 September 2016

Cycling is a healthier, greener, cleaner way to travel. So why are councils not doing more to encourage it? Horsham District Cycling Forum takes this challenge head on…

one voice calling for more bike lanes

Wellbeing - Dare to Care makes a real difference

09 August 2016

The results of our recent wellbeing survey reveal that our darers really are doing things differently for a better working life and greener NHS.


Annual Sustainability Report – SCFT first in the NHS

08 August 2016

In a first for the NHS Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) has published a separate annual sustainability report to detail its progress towards its vision of truly sustainable healthcare.

annual sustainability report

Leaner, greener GP practices

19 July 2016

We asked GP Rachel Cottam who leads on sustainability for her local CCG, what GP practices could do to be a bit greener, improve health in the community and save money into the bargain. These are her top tips…

Greener GPs

SCFT – the good corporate citizen

25 April 2016

Apart from changing SCT to SCFT we ask what it means for the Sussex Trust now it has Foundation status and what that means for Care Without Carbon too

SCFT – the good corporate citizen

One NHS - One Planet

25 April 2016

NHS Sustainability Day is the annual celebration of the great work being doing across the NHS to create cleaner, greener healthcare. It is about taking the actions today that will ensure we have a health service for the future.

Breathe Easy

Allies for healthcare today - and tomorrow

11 April 2016

Last month, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change issued a stark warning that UK health services are unprepared for climate change. How can NHS providers rise to the challenge, while at the same time improving care? We explore the issues and look at some inspiring solutions…

Allies for healthcare today - and tomorrow

Breathe more easily - air pollution and health

02 March 2016

Latest findings report a staggering 40,000 deaths per year in the UK from air pollution, costing the NHS billions of pounds each year. It's time for the NHS to lead the way so that we can all breathe more easily.

Breathe more easily - air pollution and health

Walking it your way

08 February 2016

The Welsh Ambulance Service in partnership with Academi Wales created a programmed called Explore and Walk to get managers thinking differently about how they could do, well, anything. It’s an approach that anyone can benefit from no matter what their role is…

Walking it your way

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