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Dare Challenge – Sugar Smart

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sugar smart

Fuel poverty and health - next lunch & learn in June

08 May 2017

Come and hear De Mari Martiskainen from the University of Sussex speak about the ways we can help tackle fuel poverty in our communities, to help reduce the health problems this can cause.

fuel poverty

Wellbeing survey for all staff at SCFT

08 May 2017

Take our 5 minute online survey to tell us about your wellbeing at the Trust

wellbeing survey

Crochet your way to wellbeing

25 April 2017

Keen crochet expert Eleonora Tully is providing a free crochet taster for SCFT staff as part of Wellbeing@Work Festival. She tells us why this wonderful craft can be good for the mind...

crochet queen

Let’s get physical

25 April 2017

With wellbeing in mind for Wellbeing@Work Festival let’s consider what getting physical really means – and how we can best get going…

physical exercise

Reducing infections in the NHS.

10 April 2017

The NHS must reduce the number of infections. One way it can do that is by managing the prescription of antibiotics – and supporting patients in healthier habits.

reduce infections

From waste trainer to Dare Champion

10 April 2017

Waste Trainer Gemma tells us why she got involved with Dare to Care and why more people should be choosing dares too.

Waste Trainer

Eco Easter Inspirations

07 April 2017

Enjoy and eco-Easter! Transform your Easter celebrations with these great tips

Eco Easter

Breathe Easy for NHS Sustainability Day

07 March 2017

March 23rd is NHS Sustainability Day. Get involved by choosing active travel to work that day.

Breathe Easy

The Dare Truth - Paper Cut

24 February 2017

We worked out how each dare helps us save money, cut carbon and improve wellbeing in line with our Care Without Carbon strategy.

The Dare truth - Paper Cut

Sugar Smart Dinners to delight

30 January 2017

These dishes may be light on sugar but they are full of flavour…

Sugar Smart dinners

Sugar Smart Lunches

27 January 2017

These lunch ideas will help you be sugar smart…

Sugar Smart

5 Sugar Smart Breakfasts

24 January 2017

Start your Sugar Smart day with these great (and easy) recipe ideas

Sugar Smart

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