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Breathe more easily - air pollution and health

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Breathe more easily - air pollution and health

More recycling from pen to paper

04 August 2017

The more recycling we can do the better, so why are do we not recycle more?

more recycling

Fuel Poverty Lunch & Learn Film

26 July 2017

Our fuel poverty lunch & learn session, presented by Dr Mari Martiskainen from the University of Sussex is available as a film for those that couldn't make it along.

fuel poverty

Use every drop

25 July 2017

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to stay well, so why aren’t we doing it? We talked to our infection control team to find out…

use every drop

Podcast - How we eat matters as much as what we eat

18 July 2017

Podcast interview by the Care Without Carbon team with eating psychology coach Sue Bradley. She talks about the ways that we eat, and how that matters as much as what we choose to eat for our health and wellbeing.


Podcast - Water, the stuff of life

18 July 2017

Hydration is crucial for our health and wellbeing. We interview a senior infection control nurse at SCFT to find out why the Trust is encouraging all staff to drink enough each and every day.


Pollen count help for hay-fever sufferers

05 July 2017

Hayfever can be a real pain for sufferers - this handy infographic can help know what pollen triggers yours...

Pollen count

Fighting Fuel Poverty – Stories from the Frontlines

05 July 2017

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-op can help you manage your household fuel bills. We asked Dan Curtis Customer Services & Marketing Co-ordinator to share more…

Fighting Fuel Poverty

Ditch the car for cleaner air

12 June 2017

Dare to join us and leave the car at home on 15th June in support of cleaner air for all. National clean air day is mobilising health and care workers across the country to take action.

ditch the car

Bike week is back!

05 June 2017

The nation’s biggest celebration of cycling starts Saturday 10th June, lovingly known as Bike Week.

Bike Week

Walk to School

15 May 2017

It’s walk to school week, perfect timing for our Wellbeing@Work Festival.

walk to school

Fuel poverty and health - next lunch & learn in June

08 May 2017

Come and hear De Mari Martiskainen from the University of Sussex speak about the ways we can help tackle fuel poverty in our communities, to help reduce the health problems this can cause.

fuel poverty

Wellbeing survey for all staff at SCFT

08 May 2017

Take our 5 minute online survey to tell us about your wellbeing at the Trust

wellbeing survey

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