Get on your bike with your local cycling club

As part of our Wellbeing@Work Festival the Crawley Wheelers share with us why you should get on two wheels more often…

Get on your bike

Benefits galore!

Cycling has countless benefits, from saving you money, and helping the planet to keeping you fit and healthy, not only physically but mentally too.

The British Cycling Federation references a study that has shown cyclists who ride regularly enjoy the general health of someone around 10 years younger than they are. Putting this into perspective, if you think back to how you felt 10 years ago, this is a significant amount of time.

Join a group to get motivated

Get on your bike with the crawley wheelersThe Crawley Wheelers cycling club welcomes all abilities, of all ages and whether you are a novice rider, looking to pick up the sport again or are a competitive racer, there is a weekend ride to suit you. Each Crawley Wheelers bike ride has a ride captain.

The Crawley Wheelers are a Crawley based club with members throughout Mid Sussex with regular group rides that explore new routes at the weekends where riding around the local area is very much a social affair. With brisk cycling burning approximately 500 calories per hour, not only do these rides offer health benefits with the likes of weight control, increased fitness and muscle toning, but are the ideal opportunity to meet new people. Each Crawley Wheelers bike ride have a ride captains that operates a no-drop policy which means that everyone in your group will meet at the well-deserved tea and cake stop.

The Crawley Wheelers racing team compete in all disciplines of cycling, and are a regular sight at local road racing, time trials and cyclocross events. The club has a rapidly growing women’s team with both novice and experienced riders taking to the start line. We often refer to“It never gets easier, you just get faster” – Greg LeMond. With the clubs partnership with Evans Cycles and British Cycling registered coaches, you set a personal challenge and we will help you achieve it.

Sometimes high impact sports such as running can cause joint pain, cycling is a great alternative or can be used as part of your fitness plan as it places a lower impact on your body meaning it is kinder to your joints.

Good for your mind and body

Get on your bikeUnfortunately, life doesn’t come without its stresses, whether that’s in your daily life or a symptom from a event. Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, and cycling is another tool to reduce your perceived levels of stress and encourage relaxation.

You can easily increase your fitness levels through regular cycling, whether it be short intense rides, long rides or a commute to work. Whatever you want to achieve, take the first step and get on your bike!